It’s almost here.

After two years of hard work, Exercism v3 is about to launch.


Launch date: 1st September 2021

Exercism will be taken offline for the week prior to launch.

Introducing the Exercism Editor

Use our new online editor to solve exercises directly in the browser without setting up anything locally. (The CLI remains!)

A new look and feel

We’ve taken Exercism to the next level with a completely revamped, fun, joyful UX, that's fully accessible and clear to use.

All-new mentoring

No more waiting on mentors to proceed. Find the best mentors and students for you. Invite your friends to mentor you.

Learning mode

Exercism's no longer just about practicing. Work through out brand new "Concepts" to achieve fluency in a new language.

Reputation & badges

See your hard work in contributing to Exercism acknowledged through Reputation. Unlock badges throughout your journey.

Your journey

Explore everything you’ve done on Exercism. Through your learning, mentoring, and your contributions.